Basic tips of Citrix server configuration ?

citrix configuration utility configuration is used to configure the configuration of Citrix software on client machines. A slightly different version of this utility is available on various server-based versions of Citrix. There are also many third-party tools (like Citrix Online Admin Portal Setup) and more in the process of being created.

Server-based versions

Server based versions typically have some limitations compared to client based versions. They don’t include configuraion functionality from Citrix.

Examples: Citrix Online Admin Portal, Citrix’s Install & Configure Configuraion Tool, Citrix Client Suites.

Client-based versions

Client-based versions usually include configuraion functionality from Citrix.

Examples: Citrix Community Suite, Citrix Solutions, Citrix Admin Portal Setup (CLUT), Citrix End User Access (CEUA).

Configuraion functionality (from Citrix) is different across Citrix’s product lines.

Configuraion from Citrix’s Release Management (formerly LogiCenter) product line includes:

Storage Device Configuration (SDCP) for Citrix Cloud.

Active Directory Administration for Citrix Cloud.

Configuration Management for Citrix Solutions.

Configuration Management for Citrix End User Access (CEUA).

Security Configuration for Citrix SecureAccess (CEA).

Configuration Management for Citrix Server Access Controller (SAC) products.

Configuration Management for Citrix Storage, Storage Service & Storage Applications (SSSA).

Examples: LogiCenter CEHDX 7, CEHDX 7×9 (includes configuraion for Citrix Security Services).

Configuration Management for Citrix Client Suites includes:

Configuration Manager for Citrix End User Access (CEUA) – CCPA

Configuration Manager for Citrix Video Encryption (VESA)

Configuration Manager for Citrix Server Access Control (SAC) – SAC+IP

Configuration Manager for Citrix Virtual Desktops (CVM)

Extension Management for Citrix Storage Access Controller (SAC).

Configuraion for Citrix Logical Storage Access Controller (LSAC) products.

Notice: The configuraion functionality is not available for Citrix Cloud Access Controllers (CLAC).

Configuraion capabilities differ across product lines.

See Citrix Product Catalog, End

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