Best computer training center in sector 14 Gurgaon

Computer training institutes offer you with a range of courses ranging from basic to advanced ones. Be it for professional use or to keep in touch with loved ones, the use of computer is not restricted and basic computer education is the need of the hour. Keeping in line with advent of technology, it has become rather imperative for each and every individual to have the basic know-how of this technological invention and professional computer training comes to your rescue. Advanced computer courses add more weight to your resume giving you an upper hand in the professional circuit. For professional competence, you can choose from a number of IT courses depending on your interest and the usage of different courses in your field. Computer classes also offer professional courses in interior designing and architecture which add more value to your degree. The training classes also add an extra dimension to your professional profile and can give you an advantage over others. You can find all the computer training institutes in Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi by scrolling up and enroll in one of your choice.

Which are the top Computer Training Institutes in Gurgaon Sector 14?

Top 5 Computer Training Institutes near you in Gurgaon Sector 14 are:

  • ▪ Aptech IT & Aviation Academy Gurgaon
  • Netechbulls
  • ▪ Staticks
  • ▪ Navjyoti Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • ▪ Sdk Its Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • ▪ Aptech Learning
  • IWT

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How can Netechbulls Team help in choosing the best Computer Training Institutes near you?

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A course from computer training institutes in Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi can help build a career in the digital world

Digitalization and innovations without computers would not have gained the momentum that it currently has. Today every aspect of life is either controlled by computer or is dependent on computerized systems. Communication, navigation, entertainment, education, manufacturing, infrastructure, hospitality, aviation, defence, agriculture, research and development, and several other sectors have been using computer based technology to improve productivity and provide state-of-the art services to the customers. Internet has eased the way of reaching out to the potential customer, provided several options to the customer to access information about any products, services, companies, or service providers within minutes. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have made accessing the internet on-the-go and perform tasks or complete projects while commuting or travelling. To avail the benefits of using a computerized technology based system most students, aspiring professionals and working professionals approach computer training institutes in Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi to complete a course that would help them use the applications on the computer system with ease and enhance their performance.

Computer training institute is a faculty that offers instructor-led several training courses in basic and advance computer skills and software programs to aspirants through various professional, short-term and advance level certification courses. Today computers are used in almost every business, trade, and service industry to enhance the productivity and improve customer service. As businesses are relying more on software and cloud-based services, a course from computer training institute can help working professionals, employees, teachers, retailers, etc. excel in their respective careers. These institutes also have designed several advance level courses in web designing, animation and VFX, programming languages, etc. to facilitate aspirants who can develop a full-fledged career on completion of the certified course.


In Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi computer training institutes provide a wide range of job oriented courses, basic and advance level computer courses that have been designed to help aspirants pursue a career or enhance an existing career. Some of the courses are:

Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel course empowers students to use more sophisticated tools to efficiently perform complex calculations and trains them to organize and arrange large data volumes. On completion of Advanced Excel course from a computer institute, students improve their ability to collect, analyse and forecast business and financial data, learn to create MIS reports in Excel, design and use templates and consolidate and manage data from multiple workbooks.

Graphic designing

Graphic designers create visual content to communicate messages to the target customers. The graphic designing course at computer training schools is designed to familiarize students with the use photographs, illustrations, colours, typography and icons to create an attractive and product based content that instantly connects with the customer and creates a brand value for the product or service. Through various graphic designing programs students learn to use graphics, images and animation to convey ideas and messages related to the product and services to the target audience.

Web designing

To embark the online presences of an organization most businesses revert to web designers to create a website that can help them advertise, promote and sell their products and services to a large customer base worldwide. Web designing is one of the most preferred courses at computer training institutes Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi has, by students, working professionals and aspirants who aspire to build a career as a web designer. The curriculum includes important web coding languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, along with designing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. which helps students create and design graphics and images for websites.

C programming

C is a powerful general-purpose structured programming language that is simple and extensively used to program operating systems like windows, write computer programs like oracle database, Python interpreter, Git, etc. C Programming courses offered by a computer institute helps students acquire knowledge on programming fundamentals, ways to write computer programs to solve complex issues, understand computing process, ways to read and write the C code systematically, basics of algorithms and object-oriented software, understand the computing process and much more.


C++ is a cross-platform general-purpose programming language that can be used to create high-performance applications and develop operating systems, browsers, games, and so on. C++ is a preferred programming language as it gives programmers the flexibility of portability or platform independence which facilitates the programmer to run the same program on different operating systems or interfaces at ease along with a high level of control over system resources and memory.

Java programming

Java is a powerful general-purpose programming language that provides flexibility while developing desktop and mobile applications, embedded systems, big data processing, etc. Java can be used to create complete applications that can run on a single computer or distributed across clients and servers linked to a network or are a part of the common network. Most computer training institutes offer a wide range of courses in Java for beginners, experienced or people looking for advanced courses in Java programming.

Animation and VFX

Animation and VFX course covers various aspects of animation, visual effects, graphics designing, video games, paintings, cartoons, games etc. The course curriculum is designed by computer training centre to enable the pupil to learn different tools and methods to create animated visuals and high-quality graphics for games, movies, television shows, etc. and express their creativity through animation, graphics, designs and other visual tools.

Tally accounting

Tally course provides easy-to-use accounting features that enables the user to record nosiness transactions by creating and maintaining masters, vouchers, and generating reports using Tally which is an accounting software. Tally is a 3 month course which enables the learner to use the software for all banking, auditing and accounting purposes of small and large scale industries.

.NET Programming

The .Net framework is a software development platform that supports various programming languages and is the most suitable tool to create Windows-based web and server applications. On completing the .NET Programming course students will be able to create data-driven applications in C#v and specialize in the development of Windows GUI apps, Web Applications and other NET disciplines.


Python is an object-oriented, interpreted high-level programming language with dynamic semantics that can be used for other types of programming and software development besides web development. Python is simple and it’s easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability supports modules and packages which enables reuse of program modularity and codes. Python developers have a potential scope in the world of data science, where Python is preferred for data analysis, visualization and creation of advanced machine learning algorithms.

Hardware and networking

Computer Hardware & Networking helps communication between a computer and other devices. Networking enables computers in a network to connect with a fax machine, printer, scanner, and other devices. Hardware and networking course educates students about the respective domain and about the functionality of all parts inside the computer case, like, motherboard, hard disk drive, etc.

Career prospects

Web designing – Web Designer, Project Manager, Web Developer, UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Flash Animator, Layout Designer.

Graphic designing – Graphic designer, User experience (UX) designer, Web designer, Art director, Creative director.

C Programming – Programming architect, C/C++ Analyst, Database Developer, Quality analyst, UNIX Shell Scripting.

Hardware and networking – Router Operator, Technical Support Executive, Hardware Consultant, Network Engineer, Network Designer, Storage Specialist, Cabling Designer.

Advanced Excel – Data Analyst, MIS Executive, Metrics and Analytics Specialist, Market research analysts.

Java programming – Software developer, programmer, Java Developer or Java Software Engineer.

.NET programming – Software Engineer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Information Technology Consultant.

Approximate computer course fees

Type of courseApproximate fees
Animation and VFXRs.15,000 onwards
Advance excelRs.8,000 onwards
Java programmingRs.3,000 onwards
.NET programmingRs.5,000 onwards

Please Note: Prices mentioned are indicative.

How can Netechbulls help you find the best computer training institutes nearby?

The world around is surrounded with computers and gadgets that are controlled by computer technology based equipment and devices. In an era of digitalization being able to operate a computer and its software has become important to complete banking and financial transactions, placing and dispatching orders, checking inventories, booking reservations, managing books of accounts, filing returns, completing courses and several other tasks and activities. There are several certified professional courses offered by computer training institutes to help students or working professionals build a career in entertainment industry, IT industry, marketing industry, and many other sectors. Understanding the importance of completing a professional computer course from a reputed and certified training institute, several students and working professionals look for information about ‘computer training institutes near me’. Netechbulls  has been prompt to realize the power of internet and has designed a platform that instantly provides any information to the user within seconds of their search. You can get the following information about computer training institutes:

• Computer courses offered

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• Number of years in business and popularity of the computer institute based on reviews and ratings shared by prevailing and ex- students

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the courses offered by computer training institutes in Delhi?

Java programming, .NET programming, accounting and tally, etc. are some of the courses offered by most computer training schools.

2. Are practice projects assigned by computer training institutes?

In order to test the student’s understanding of the syllabus being taught and to enhance their fluency in the course, projects are assigned to students periodically.

3. What are the career opportunities after completing a course from a computer training institute?

Aspirants who have successfully completed a course from computer training institutes in Delhi can pursue a career as a web developer, graphic designer, java developer, software developer, etc. It is best to consult the trainers at the institute for guidance.

4. Will I receive a course completion certificate?

Yes, you will be awarded with a course completion certification by computer training institutes in Delhi after clearing the final assessment.

5. Are web designing courses available at computer training institutes?

There are several courses in web designing that are inclusive of training in designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. offered by these institutes.

6. What is the duration of a computer training course?

The course duration ranges between 1 month to a year or more, depending on the type of course selected and the syllabus to be covered.

7. What is the fees of .NET programming course?

The course fees for .NET programming starts approximately from Rs. 5,000.